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 Wow! My table is completely clear and has been wiped down. This photographs shows me in the table in a whole new light. It is not nearly the beauty I thought it was.  I had been led to see it as if it were an antique heirloom.  It will be okay to get rid of it now, when something better comes along, or to let it be designated entirely as a work table if I have the room for such a thing, at some point.

In any event, it is clear, and clean, and waiting for me to put it to good use!

Finally A clean kitchen table!

Finally A clean kitchen table!

Phew. This is a major accomplishment, for me. It will be an even more major accomplishment if I can keep it clean when I’m not using it for printing space!

A second look!

A second look!The press is on the table. I need to make sure I find it a good place for when I am not using set up on table

 Everything I need, gathered in one place. I feel pretty awesome and organized about this!

Everything required

Everything required

 A clean slate. Ready for a test print. Here we go! 

clean table, printing shirts 012


A clean table allows for printing

A clean table allows for printing

Good test run. Time for production, then moving onto the grey shirts and screen for light shirts.

I love it when things go well!

FBMS navy shirts modelled by Forrest with green


  1. It’s always nice to see space you can use. The way I see it, that’s what decluttering is ultimately about.

    • Absolutely Rick.
      I’ve not forgotten about your book, I simply haven’t gotten through all of it yet. Thank you for your ongoing visits and input and insight!

  2. Congrats on clearing the table! Tables and desks are so hard. It’s so easy to place things down “just for now” and the next thing you know, they’ve made a new home there. Just be diligent!

    • Thanks Simone.
      I’ve already covered it again!
      backsliding is so discouraging. Argh. I was able to print a lot of the shirts, and am trying to get my back put back together, as it were, so I can finish printing, as well as get back to being able to stoop over so I can get back to boxing and blogging.

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