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Daily Archives: October 16th, 2009

Just prior to Sunrise 10/16/09

Just prior to Sunrise 10/16/09

ARGH!! Life. There is a bright side here, but an odd one.
I had been planning on seeing longtime freind of mine (handsome, lovely, etc), but Life the universe and everything have stepped in. When it is right it will be. In the meantime, I am able to travel up to Nevada, ever so briefly to take my daughter to see her Aunts (both my sister and her father’s), as well as her biological, paternal grandparents and her two dad’s, as it were. Long story, Not relevant. We were going to meet in Vallejo, but It turned out that was a silly trip for me to take. The well at my house in Silver Springs is having issues due to rain and flooding, and a backed up or possibly now non-exisastent ditch. So I really needed to check that out any way.
I waould also like to say that in my world (I know, not in other’s) the world was truly a miraculous place. A very young boyo (3 or 4 years old) that attends the preschool was hit by a truck last night. We heard this morning at school. The children and staff all banded together to make him a giant poster/small mural to let him know we love him. I called his mom to see how he wa doing and how to get to the Children’s hospital inthe Bay Area. She said he was already on his way home, thathe had some bruises and was sore, but okay. I asked If I could pring the mural over, and she said sure and gave me directions. I drove up, just after he and his dad did. He was in his momma’s arms not only alive and unscathed, but giggling.  Miracles do happen. I am not religious, spiritual, yes, but not religious. This little sweet pea was not just hit by a truck, but the font wheel of a large grocery store delivery truch drove over him , and apparenlty had to back off of him . This is miraculous anad we are blessed to have him with us: no broken bones, no internal injuries, nothing other than bruises and that he is really sore.
Thank you universe, for giving this sweet child a chance at his destiny!

Back to the reality of my blog. I am not done with the tabbel, I will be, but I am not yet. I went to see my grandmother this evening and she had clothes for me she picked up from the food bank. I am fairly sure at least oine sweater was something that I donated to the food bank.. She had a box of crazy things. I will add them to my Monday, or post-Friday donation. More on that later.
My thought for today, that keeps coming back is to be present. Be in your body, be in you life, as much as you possibly can. Live your life, as it happens, and rem,ember to love the people you love and let them know it. The shots in today’s blog are from this morning.
More on Monday, if not before!

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