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4 bags ready to be loaded up and donated

4 bags ready to be loaded up and donated

Partial picture of clothes in my room I am working on dealing with tonight
Partial picture of clothes in my room I am working on dealing with tonight
the rest of the clothes tonight, with appologies for sub-standard photography tonight!
the rest of the clothes tonight, with apologies for sub-standard photography tonight!

Tonight I am exhausted. I’ve been running around with Gran, cut my son’s hair, all the regular sorts of things and have been writing since five or so.

This posting is after midnight, and so technically, I am late. I choose to post late rather than not at all, as I strive to miss no more scheduled blog entries

The long and the short of it is that I have tackled, at least initially the pile of clothes in my room. I have no dresser, at the moment, and the clothes I’ve kept need to be re-washed and hung up in ward robe boxes I got off the local list serve to fill in as a closet and keep the cats off of them.

I am posting the before picture and the bags for donation. I will take tonight’s and the three or so already in my car down tomorrow for donation. I will post the receipt, just because it makes me happy to do so.

I feel dis-satisfied with the post, the blog, and my level of participation in the process.

I do applaud myself, or at least acknowledge that I a, posting, even though I can hardly see straight, I am so tired. Sometimes this seems Herculean and as if it will take forever.

One step at a time, even when they are baby steps!

It keeps occuring to me that I do not have to wait until the day of the post to do the work, photograph the process and post, I can do all but post ahead of time.  I mustn’t take myself so literally!

More Friday!


  1. I have been thinking about you and your crazzeee life, girl! Let me tell you this~~~~ you ARE doing an amazing job with all you have on your plate. I love how you are there for your grandmother. I know you do love her dearly. I also am amazed how brave you are to post those pictures of your clothes all piled up like that. But, you know what? It helps me so much as I have an unused bedroom that is piled up like that all over. Tons of clothes of mine—yeah, unfortunately with tags still on! —–just waiting to be dealt with. I even learned how to install keyed locks on the door so when my family comes home they could not look in the room! Geez, how sad is that, huh ? You really do inspire me. Just keep on with a little baby step at a time. I think that is what I am gonna do, too! Even though I might not comment very much, I am reading what you put out there for us to read. Were you able to watch that show “Hoarders” that came on A&E channel last night? Gotta run and sort through a small pile while my mind will let me!!! {{{{{{hugs}}}}}Helen

    • Oh Helen,
      Thank you so much!
      My eyes are tearing up as I write this. I am so glad you wrote.
      We can all only do what we can do. Life is a process.
      Thank you so much for sharing and for your support!

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