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Daily Archives: September 7th, 2009

Today has been overly full, both emotionally and in terms of scheduling. The family left at seven. We got up early to see them off. Later on my kids and I were in the Labor Day/Paul Bunyan Days Parade.

When we got home, I was just contemplating a short nap when I realized I had signed up for a class that began today at the local Junior College in Single signature bookmaking. I also got a call about a possible job. The day continued in this manner. I made dinner, stir fry and red rice, ate dinner with the kids, dyed the bottom layer of my daughter’s hair purple, got the kids off, did some work on the graphic I will be printing on sweatshirts for the middle school later in the week, and am now, finally posting.  I am clearing out one tiny area of the space with in my challenge and adding to the recycling pile and that is about it. That is all for tonight. I will be back in full (or nearly full) force on Wednesday!

Good night, and have a less cluttered tomorrow!- With appologies to Murrow!On ocean sunset near my home