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I am using my aforementioned right to extend my challenge time frame. I think I have made pretty good progress so far. There have been a number of unexpected glitches. In any event, I am going to post photos of where I’m at, so far, and what I’m getting rid of.

Recycling from Wednesday and Friday.

Recycling from Wednesday and Friday.

My over-riding challenge (within the challenge I’ve given myself here) is that a sizable chunk of my family is showing up for the holiday (Wahoo!), and that Gran had an unexpected Dr’s visit this week, and I had some other unplanned events surface. I also had a fairly uncooperative body this week that continued to insist that I wasn’t, physically, up for the challenge. I have done my best to work around everything.

I can see the rug, in multiple areas and am down to relatively small piles  left to deal with. I hope that by next Wednesday, and certainly by Friday, early, I will have cleared and cleaned the area out and set it up for printing. Then I can move the printing equipment from where it is, and start another shift of stuff, which will hopefully lead to more cleaning out and getting rid of.

Section one as it appears on Friday, September 4th

Section one as it appears on Friday, September 4th

section two, ditto foor section 1

section two for comparative purposes

section three for comparative purposes

section three for comparative purposes

I am a little disappointed that I didn’t get more done, but at least there is progress. I am not going to undermine myself by concentrating on what I did not do. Instead, I will remember that I can see the rug! Wahoo!

Added two bags to Wednesday's donation for a total of three bags!

Added two bags to Wednesday's donation for a total of three bags!


  1. What’s the source of most of the clutter? I saw what looked like craft stuff in one shot, and over here, we’re big on crafts and know how much space that stuff takes. That’s why I have a sewing room. I’m going to need a knitting room soon, to contain all the yarn and magazines and gorp, too, the way things are going….

    • Catherine,
      The clutter is really everything from soup to nuts.
      My children and I moved here last year to help my grandmother after she had a fall. We left our four bedroom, two bathroom home with a garage that was quite large. We stayed with Gran, until we were able to move into our current house, a small two-bedroom, 1 bathroom place.
      I have things in a storage shed from my teaching career and, our life in general. I also have quite a lot in my grandmother’s garage. I packed somewhat haphazardly, and have unpacked in the same manner. We consolidated our household as quickly as possibly to get here.
      I have always had an issue with stuff, but the close quarters, wanting to get things out of storage, and the desire to be able to work from home (writing, editing, printing, etc), has really fueled my desire to get my hoarding problem under control once and for all, and to find an organizational system that works!
      We don’t have room for a craft room, as I don’t even have a proper bedroom. I am looking at this as a time to learn to be creative and innovative about my use of space. -Once I am able to get my stuff under control, that is.

  2. You are doing a GREAT job. Go back and re-read your posts from this week – you cleared out several thing, got errands done, took care of your children, Grandma, and yourself, began to prepare for guests, and tracked your progress on this blog! That is a LOT!

    I moved about 6 weeks ago and for the most part the inside of my house is looking pretty good. However, I still have a garage with a lot that needs to be dealt with. I like your concept/goal of 3 blogs/3 boxes, and I think I am going to undertake a similar project to get the garage cleared/organized!

    • Thank you very much!
      I will do that! I sometimes get frustrated that I can’t do everything at once and do it well. Small steps are difficult and can be frustrating. I need to remember to just keep going forward. I’m glad my approach is “approachable”. Please keep me posted on your progress.
      Thanks again for the kind words!

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