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I know that technically it is now Thursday, and that this part of my post is late. My most sincere apologies are offered up.  Since I have not yet gone to sleep, I am counting this as Wednesday.

I took a very big bite with this challenge and have worried all day that it was too big a bite. There is however, light or rather rug, at the end of this tunnel!

Just quickly, allow me to whine about my day,  poor me! Actually as days go it wasn’t too bad, just busy. I had to take my grandmother to a doctors appointment to get her need for oxygen re-certified. Let me just say, she is 93 years old and gets winded between the kitchen and living room. I need to take her next week for a pulmonary test wherein she will need to walk from admitting across the bulk of the hospital to the pulmonary section. Need I say more? That is for another blog, health care, that is.  In any event She had an appointment that took much longer that I thought it would. This was no one’s fault in particular, and certainly not the end of the world, as I did move here to help take care of her and do this very thing.  Not stressful, just longer than I had anticipated.  After the appointment she wanted to look for a small pot, for cooking small things. She did not want to pay full price for a new pot as that might be anywhere from $23 to upwards of $40.00 depending on brand and the store where purchasing would take place. Instead she directed me to a series of thrift stores. The irony, of course, is that on a day I had intended to set aside for going through and getting rid  my own things, I was pawing my way through the kitchen ware at, literally, every thrift store in town. Fortunately we live in a small town and there are only five thrift stores that I know of. On the upside, I found a new place to donate to. I did not find a pot today, but I did find two very nice garage sale signs, two baskets for the chickens to nest in, a small citrus juicer (that I actually do need) and a plastic container with a screw on lid to store nut milk in after I make it. I am hoping to place my two children and myself on the ADHD/Autism diet, at some point in the not too far future. That is another story as well.

After the thrift stores, we did a very small amount of grocery shopping and got a little lunch. Then I took Gran home, went to the middle school to pick up my daughter’s missed work (she was home sick today), and brought it home.

Once home, I began to sort out the mess I posted pictures of earlier today. Just as I was really getting into it, it was time for my three o’clock counseling appointment. After that I checked in at one of our local elementary schools to confirm that I had changed my schedule so that I can sub one afternoon a week in the after school program. Next I went to the school district office to make sure I am still on the sub list and check on any possible part time teaching positions. Then I came home, checked on my daughter, dug back in to the pile for a little while, and greeted my son when he came home from school. I worked a little while longer and then it was time to get ready for a local play the kids and I are in.  As an aside, I think acting is fantastic for people with Asperger’s Syndrome. It has done wonders for my son.

We were at the play from 7 pm until approximately 11 pm. (Far too late for a school night I know, but it was the last school night performance of a month-long run). We came home, I checked on my daughter’s progress with homework, had some dinner and I got the kids settled in for the night, and got back to it. So, To make a very long story short, I am posting pictures of my progress so far. I have one bag to donate to a thrift store, and three garbage bags of recycling.

I can see the rug. It is dirty and I can only see part of it but it is, in fact, there, so that counts as progress. I am going to resist the temptation to undermine and criticize. Instead, I am going to hold on to the progress I’ve made today and reserve the right to extend my own deadline, as family (and quite a bit of it) is coming for labor day weekend and I’ve got to get my grandmother’s house ready. -You didn’t think they were staying here did you!

See you all Friday!


Part one, after day one dig out (Compare to today's earlier, picture, please, or it is just too sad for words!

Part one, after day one dig out (Compare to today's earlier, picture, please, or it is just too sad for words!

Part Two

Part Two

part 3, second part of my challenge

part 3, second part of my challenge

Donation ready to go!

Donation ready to go!

Recycling all ready to go, with additional cement bags for flavor!

Recycling all ready to go, with additional cement bags for flavor!


  1. As I sit here and look at these photos you posted, I am just flat out amazed. For one, wish I had all your energy! You had a very busy schedule and then still got that pile out. I also want to tell you that you are setting a wonderful example in taking care of your 93 year old grandmother. I love the picture I saw of her with the little black chicken resting on her chest. She is blessed to have such a thoughtful and caring grandaughter. All I have to say is you are inspiring me and I can’t wait to tackle my house when I wake up in the a.m.! Blessings!

    • Helen, Thank you again, so very much!
      Let me know how you do!

  2. Wow! I am soooo impressed. As your sister, I can appreciate the magnitude of this clear rug. I am proud of you. Love, Shen

    • Thanks Schwes!

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