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Daily Archives: September 2nd, 2009

I am doing something new for this post, and quite Frankly, it makes me feel very sick. My stomach is more than queasy and my head feels hot and spinny. Too bad stomach and head, I ‘m doing it any way!

This will be a two, or actually three part post, or more. There will be two posts today.

I am posting 3 pictures of a challenge I am setting for myself. I am attempting to deal with one ‘small’ part of my living room (ironically called, as very little actual living is done here). The challenge is that over the next three days I will deal with this one small area. I will clean it up by getting rid of and organizing everything in this one area only. The only excuse for moving anything out of the area, without getting rid of it is so that I can use it, really, in another part of my house.

My over-riding goal in doing this is that I have a small screen printing shop I want to set up here. We live in a small house and this is the most logical spot for now.

Adding to my challenge is that I have to take my 93-year old grandmother to an appointment in less than an hour, and have a three O’clock appointment with my psychologist.

I will post again later on today, or tonight!

So, challenge on, it is a big one.

Wish me luck, please!

3 blogs three boxes Sept 2 09 challenge 1

3 blogs three boxes Sept 2 09 challenge 3