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I ttok 5 bags and a bike rack to the thrift store and didn't even bring home anything extra. Hurrah!

I took 5 bags and a bike rack to the thrift store and didn't even bring home anything extra. Hurrah!


    • Lisa Larimer Burtis
    • Posted August 31, 2009 at 10:59 pm
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    Congratulations! and a big THANK YOU for your inspiration! Personally, I just think some day I’ll utilize those things that I have so carefully hoarded…that, mixed with a hard wire lack of organizational capabilities means…that as well intended as I am in the hoarding part, I can never find anything that I’ve stashed away…pointless…and precious all in the same breath!!! Keep writing, it warms my heart to know I’m not alone!

    • Thank you Lisa!
      You very well may use those things!, as for me, when walking through the house is an issue, as is having company over, It is time, past time, actually, for me to start shoveling out. Personally, I have realized that I not only need to get rid of things, but I need to be more discriminating in what I bring in. And I need to find an organizational system that works for me. I also believe that my larger issue is one of boundaries. Having a house that is overflowing has made me feel safe on some subconscious level. Oddly, it has also added a level of terror to my life, as I am always afraid I will be ‘found out’.

  1. Great job! You’re doing so good.

    How are you handling anxiety when you decide to give things away?

    • I am breathing, and telling myself I am making progress. I tell the part of me that I might need this later, or that I could make money off of it to hush. I remind myself that I want to be in my own life.
      Mostly, I breathe.

  2. I think I have found my twin! To say that I am excited to have found your blog tonight is an understatement. Please keep writing, posting your pictures and your thoughts. You have no idea how much you are helping me. I am walking in your shoes. Congratulations on your progress. I am amazed what all you are accomplishing. Curious as to whether your kids help you in any way? Do they exhibit any hoarding tendencies ? Thanks for being brave to out yourself! I can’t do that and don’t know if I ever can!

    • Helen,
      Thank you.
      I am excited you found me as well! Keep me posted on your progress. Do you have any routines or habits that help, or that really hinder?
      Thank you for the words of encouragement. It has been a busy and exhausting day today. I still need to work on my challenge area and write. You have given me a nice burst of energy!
      My kids do have hoarding tendencies. We are all terribly disorganized, they learned it from me. I am trying to change for them as well as for myself.
      Hang in there. We can do it, all of us!

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