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How can I work like this?

How can I work like this?

I am a, self diagnosed, compulsive hoarder. Hoarding is an anxiety disorder. Ironically the more I hoard, the worse I feel about myself, the more “anxious” I become, the more I hoard … and so on and so on. It is a vicious cycle that I am attempting to break, in part, by way of this blog.

I intend to post three blogs per week and release 3 boxes of stuff per week, 1 with each blog on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The very though makes me feel ill, which I think is a sure sign it is high time I did this. I will post pictures of where I am starting (the blog) from, and progress as I make it.

I hope that ‘outing’ myself will give me motivation to change and the structure to do it in. i also hope to help other hoarders lift their own shame and find a vehicle for releasing their stuff as well as their hoarding tendencies.

I challenge others to join me in the three blogs three boxes endeavor. There is no set size or requirement. Join me in releasing, you can post pictures and your story, you can write and release with me three times a week, or as often as you feel like it. Try it once. You may find it’s not so bad.

Let’s uncover our couches, kitchen tables, garages and hopefully, in the process, our lives.

I may be getting rid of actual boxes of stuff, cleaning out my email box, the ice box(refrigerator, for those of you who aren’t stuck in a previous century) need to be dealt with and organized, etc.  Hoarding is a state of mind. It has been with me for most of my life making me feel at once safe, and trapped. I feel I live a lie, won’t let people into my house, and use hoarding, subconsciously, as a way to barricade myself from the world.

My first ‘box’ is outside, ready to go. it is a large size garbage bag filled with clothes we no longer need.  To the thrift store in the morning.


  1. You go girl!! XOXO

    • Thank you Melissa!

  2. You inspired me to paw through my closet today. Out goes clothing that I have no worn since the eighties. Even culled the husband’s side.


    • I am so glad. Thank you for visiting my blog, and espescially for sharing how you were inspired!

  3. Getting very inspired by your posts! Keep going!

    • Thank you Connie.
      I really needed that today! The feeling that this is about more than me is important. I will explore that, I’m sure in future posts. You inspire me, in turn!

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